Loving Myself

We all get busy…. We forget to eat all our daily meals, we dont work out, we loose sleep we are so busy helping other people we forget about ourselves and recently I have been reminded that I need to slow down and start caring for myself. So i have chosen to take steps everyday to do something for me. Weather thats taking a bath, taking and extra break to eat something healthy, taking a nap… anything that is good for ME that i would normally skip because i’m “busy” so today i decided to go visit my friends at WAX HR BAR in Las Vegas and get a much needed facial.

I have had facials in the past but i am kind of a skeptic… i feel like its just a bunch of wet things on my face and afterwards i feel sticky and gross. …. Till i found WAX. I wet in originally for an anal bleaching but i ended up loving their products so much im trying everything they have to offer! Todays service was the Mangosteen Facial with Eminence products.


Eminence has a full line of vegan products that are gentle on your skin and can be used on all skin types. Here are some of the products in the facial that i am getting…ย 

I loved the gentle scrub, warm towels, upper body massage, and soothing music…it really helped me to relax and really enjoy being pampered. I also enjoyed how each time a new product was being used she would introduce it to me, and tell me the benefits of each product and what they were used for. I really enjoyed learning about each one but the one that stuck out most to me was the Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate. The reason why was because you can use it as a daily moisturizer, and also a make up primer. I struggle with a primer that works for me because i have naturally oily skin so any product that clogs my pores ends up making me break out. I loved this product because its all natural no harsh chemicals, and it makes my pores smaller so my skin looks even and fresh. I tested it out this week when i had to travel and do 2 separate dance bookings and i was shocked at how well it help my make up together!!! It made my skin glow and look flawless which made me so happy!!!! I think its important to feel good about how you look and it can really turn your entire day around just by looking your best. I’ll be going back soon to purchase the facial cleanser and night cream !!!


If you are ever in Las Vegas and need waxing services, facials, or anal bleaching i highly recomend WAX Hair Removal Bar! they have 2 locations. Summerlin & Henderson.

you can download their app from the app store by searching Wax hair removal bar

or visit their website


They have an amazing line of South Beach products, as well as Eminence in store so go check them out and tell them I sent you ๐Ÿ˜‰