Odessa was FIRE

well well well…Daily Dance Diary Begins!

I had googled Odessa to find where exactly i was going only to discover….. HORRIBLE reviews. Now im starting the story this way because it has a happy ending lol. When i clicked the first few links it was new articles or shootings, stabbings, roberies.. you name it odessa had it. Needless to say i was terrified to spend 3 days there.

As i have never missed a dance booking i got on my red eye flight and headed to this scary place. When i landed in the smallest airport i had ever seen i figured “hey maybe this wont be so bad”. Till i got outside and literally laughed out loud at my previous thought! WHERE IN THE FUCK AM I?! This place looked like a ghost town. every building looked like no one had touched in it years, the roads were in bad shape, and the new reported a shooting about 30 minutes before i had arrived.. Welcome to Texas Alexis… you’re never leaving alive! lol But really, at this point i told myself if one more thing went wrong i was getting on the next flight to vegas.

This is where things started to get a little funny. I had to fly in early to get a license in this town. Apparently, a few month back the county changed the law that you had to have a license to dance in a bikini bar?! SAY WHAT?! you’ve got to be joking right?! i woke up early for this?! there isn’t even nudity come on guys! Well im already here so i might as well make it worth it, walk in the entire staff said hello and helped me through my paperwork but it wasn’t until i got finger printed that i felt safe. The lady doing them knew exactly who i was, where i was from and told me she had followed my work for years and that they would have officers stationed at my club every night to make sure i was safe!!! how sweet right?!

Now our driver was the first person i met, he gave us the ins and outs the dos and donts and told us where to eat and so on… this guy was the sweetest… i mean 100% the nicest guy ever! He ran me all over town, he took us wine tasting, he even ran to the liquor store each night because the club is BYOB and he wanted us to have a good time. We adored him because he really made us feel comfortable and like we were at home.

The next person was our Dj, now as iv written before the dj really sets the mood for a feature because he is our main point of contact all night…. well this mother fucking dj KILLLLLLLLLLED IT! Looking at him you would never imagine he would be so kind and awesome! He loks like he could straight up kill you with his pinky finger if you cross him. But never in my life have i felt so welcomed and loved at a strip club. He brought us welcome gifts, he drank with us, he played the best music, but over all what reallly did it for me was after my first night i had mentioned we wanted to go eat lunch somewhere and i was looking for a good spot. He said he would meet us there and we could meet all his friends.. .so we went and HOLY FUCK! Aint nobody party like an Odessa party! This guy knew every single customer in the building, all the waitresses and bartenders the mangers loved him it was crazy! You would have thought he was the president! He introduced me to every person he knew and most of them ended up coming out to the club at some point over the weekend. I took Fan photos, did shots, i signed a few hats, and gave so many hugs i lost count. The food was great but the service was my favorite, every person genuinely cared that we were there and it had to be the best service i have had in a long time. Needless to say we had the best time drinking and eating and dancing at twin peaks! lol so much i had to take a nap after, but  before i went to work hahah! you all have been there before no judgment! This guy really showed us a good time and we will forever be good friends and i would recommend every single girl go work with him because he is the definition of what a dj should be! WE LOVE YOU SEVEN!!!!!! Homies for LIFE.

Round 2 at the club and it was PACKED! Thursday was ladies night and they had a twerking competition at the club that i got to judge which i thought was going to be the highlight of my weekend because big big booties everywhere.. till friday night happened! Now a little back ground on odessa, its basically all oil fields and oil money the people there are all a little country with big ol trucks! So not to say we profile people but you just wouldn’t expect that many people to make it rain at the same time and then just walk away without even getting to say thank you! I was COVERED in money .. they were all so nice and thanked me for coming to their town, i was in shock! I totally wasn’t expecting that to happen! Everyone wanted to participate and surprisingly enough all the hot girls wanted to come on stage and let me grind all over them! Our friends from twin peaks came out as well. We met a couple while we were there and this damn couple gave us all the feels! He had lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and continued on to win 3 olympic medals! 2 silver and a gold! and his wife happen to meet him shortly after his accident and fell madly in love with this crazy man and toured the world with him! they now have a family and gorgeous dogs living their dreams in odessa running the SECOND largest ups store in town! They really did give me a reality check because they reminded me no matter what happens in life you pick yourself up and keeping giving em hell until you get where you want to be! JESS & JIM… thank you for showing us a good time and giving me the life encouragement i needed!

day 3 was probably the best day because not only did the dj, the dancers, the managers, and the twin peak girls all tun up with me but the place was PACKED. we had local rappers, bartenders, dancers from other states every one came to our club to party! and they sure did! i had so much fun dancing with the girls in the dj booth, and on stage it was like spank bank material for at least a month for all the guys watching… well and maybe me too 😉 i think my I LIKE GIRLS side is developing a little more each time i go to a strip club and have fun hahahah! a group of guys even came on stage with me and started twerking! I did a few dances and gave away every single piece of merchandise i had! it was insane! i couldn’t stop smiling! I also want  to give a shout out to the men and women with the k9 unit who patrolled the grounds of the club all weekend checking for guns and other weapons! you guys are the real MVPs and i hope you like all the goodies (porn) i left for you! hahahah these guys stood outside every night even when it was freezing cold walking girls to their cars and making sure all the employees and customers were safe!  think we forget how much work these people actually do while we are all having fun! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! oh and thank you to the burger guy who fed me every single night the most amazing burger i have EVER had! they were jerk flavored burgers and i was in love!

im sorry this post wasnt as sexual as i normally am but we just really partied and had a blast in texas since it was Colins birthday weekend so i figured i should give thanks to all the people who made it a good time for us!



So if youre in odessa and wanna see me come back go tell them you love me!!!! hahaha


If you dont live in odessa and still want me to come to your town make sure you go to your local club and request me!!

How-To pack the perfect dance bag

I go though this check list every time i am about to travel to make sure i not only have enough clothes, costumes, toiletries, and shoes… but also to feel comfy.

Living a life on the road is a challenge and there are a few key items that i always MUST HAVE in order to feel comfortable away from home

  1. Candles- i have to have a nice smelling hotel and dressing room
  2.  Sweats- like all kinds of sweats. Because who enjoys putting on clothes during the day?!
  3. Epsom Salt- i like to take baths after my shows not only to relax but also so i don’t bruise.
  4. Ipad- i need Netflix
  5. Headphones
  6. backpack
  7. locking suitcase
  8. fuzzy socks
  9. fuzzy blanket

now that we have the major stuff out of the way here are the things i need for work

  1. dance boots, dance flats, dance heels in two different colors
  2. merchandise
    1. banner
    2. posters
    3. giveaway posters
    4. used panties
    5. promo cards
    6. website cards
    7. sharpies
    8. rubberbands
    9. poloroid camera
    10. dvds
    11. a bag to carry all this crap in lol
  3. costumes i wont go into details about each costume because thats an entirely different blog lol. but usually i have bras and panties, stockings, socks, and a hat for each outfit.
  4. extra g strings
  5. sleep shirts
  6. workout clothes and shoes (sports bras pants and tops)
  7. socks- work out socks, dance socks and ill double check t make sure the fuzzy socks made it
  8. protein bars
  9. Starbucks double shots
  10. dresses for work
  11. matching heels
  12. knee pads
  13. make up
  14. brush
  15. straightener
  16. curling iron
  17. dry shampoo
  18. shampoo
  19. conditioner
  20. body wash
  21. iodine – it kills germs from dancing on stage
  22. razor
  23. lufa
  24. lotion
  25. WAX eye pads
  26. lashes
  27. tweezers
  28. scissors
  29. hamper for dirty clothes
  30. plastic bags
  31. face lotion
  32. phone charger
  33. portable charger
  34. tooth brush and tooth paste
  35. ugg boots
  36. hair spray
  37. eye drops
  38. vitamins
  39. melatonin
  40. tea bags
  41. chapstick
  42. coconut oil
  43. make up wipes
  44. extra lingerie 1-2 outfits

so thats basically what i need for 3 days. if i have to go on longer trips i will pack normal clothes because i tend to get stir crazy in a hotel after 3 days.


Im writing this now because i am heading off to Odessa TX and figured someone out there might want to know what we porn stars lug around all the time.

Strippers, Football, Glitter

Helllo Atlanta!

So this past weekend i feature danced at the one and only Pink Pony! 9 Shows in 3 days it was bound to be madness! What set this trip apart for me was for the first time in 6 years i got to dance on a SUNDAY!!! FOOTBALL, TITTIES, STRIPPER, TWERKING, BAR FOOD, AND MIMOSAS?!?! it was like  dream come true right?!

Well to start out this wild adventure we had our first night with one of my FAVORITE djs on the planet. For me what makes a good dancing experience starts in the dj booth.. i like playful and fun…also its the best place in the entire club to see ALL THE BOOBS! this dj just gets me…to my core. Raunchy jokes, coffee, great music, more jokes, and wild adventures that even shock me!

First show down, i accomplished  showing my nude lady parts and making $7 … thats right…but i wont let that get me down.. 2 shots later im ready for PROMO. lol i have a love hate relationship with the rules in this particular club. I’m not allowed to do lap dances so i really only get to sit at this table, which is still awesome i just like being able to share sexy stories AND show you my tits.  Today a fellow broncos fan came to the club and really started my night off right! Fans who make long trips to come see us really brighten our day because we like feeling loved, respected and that we truly make a difference in peoples lives for more than just showing our naked bodies. I had met this fan many times but this time really struck my heart when he told me his wife was sad she couldn’t make it also. How cool is that?! i sent him home with some goodies but man I adore couples who can be playful with life and watch porn and go to cool events that allow them to stay sexually challenged and excited!

2nd show down we packed the house. 3rd was even better. doing 3 shows is super exhausting and also damaging to my poor hoe knees… so i cheated and wore knee pads.. but i looked cool..i wore a slanky fishnet outfit with a garter belt and fishnet top.. no one was looking at my knees when my entire outfit was see through! lol


Day 2

we adventured to a diner that literally 20 people told us to check out because the food was so amazing.. they were right. Lord help me but i don’t remember the name.. something about pancakes..

after that Colin and i snuggled and took a nap.. this is probably my favorite part about times away from home when the weather is cold.. i never leave my bed unless its for food, wine, or to pee lol im lazy and i love it. cold weather makes everyone want to nap right?!

we woke up and had diner at our hotel only to attract the attention of everyone… whom we thought were weird at first but after a few glasses of diet coke and a glass of wine  i discovered they were all PERVS just like me! all these women who worked at the hotel, one front desk manager, a bar tender, two maids, and a kitchen staff employee ended up all talking with me for about an hour and a half about life, work, sex, kids, the strip club, and how they were going to come out and let their hair down..  Women in the south… they know how to TURN UP!!!! this rowdy bunch shocked the living hell out of me. Here i had pegged them as usual employees.. nope! The CAME TO THE CLUB dressed to kill! All sexy boobs hanging out tights pants that hugged their curves… i was impressed. i love you guys hah thank you for making my night start and finish with a bang.

3 shows down and i accomplished giving away free porn, soaking the front row during my water show, covering everyone in glitter, buying Colin a lap dance from the most gorgeous big booty girl… i tried to marry her guys.. legit heart broken she said no haha! skinny little thing with the biggest booty and perfect skin and hair ughhh i have to stop i’m drooling over her already. Continuing on with my accomplishments, i drank the patron, dressed like a slutty school girl, i twerked my booty on snapchat, and i finished the night strong with eating Krystals chicken sandwhiches and fries in bed watching Netflix…

Day 3

Mother Fuckin Sunday Yall! you know how much i love brunch right?! well off we went 1 mimosa 2 mimosa 3 mimosa MORE! Football was on its freezing, raining but i was determined to have breakfast and i did.. meatball benedict, and the most amazing short rib hash with eggs YUM!

Back to the hotel for a bath, stranger things, and a nap.. only to be caught by the rowdy girls from last night.. .i was suppose to be getting ready yet there i was back at the hotel lobby twerking, reminiscing about last night and also trying to convince them to come back for round two! You know they did 😉 Falcons V Cowboys and of course the falcons won… but funny part was the entire club was cowboys fans! guess they needed to drink off some steam. All in all Sunday was probably my favorite day because i wore a footballl jersey on stage, my friends from the hotel came, my friends from out of town came, i KILLED every stage show, i danced with a creampie in my vagina.. i soaked a few pair of panties… not mine.. other women! This 2nd show there were actually more women tipping by my stage than men!!! HoLLLLLLLA i broke a nail completely off, gave away some photos, took fan requests for music and it was amazing!

A big shout out to John, Andrew, Paul, Sylvia, Evan, and Jackie you guys made my weekend come alive!
I felt all the love the fans were amazing and some guys even bought me a few drinks so i could sulk over the loss of my broncos.. .who clearly suck this season.. We WILL have a better QB next year.. fingers crossed.


Anyways, thanks atlanta!


Next Stop Odessa TX !!!




Maddy O Reilly


I have always enjoyed 3 ways. The thought of having the best of both in one sexual experience is perfect for me….little did I know this girl game to PLAY! I have never felt so loved and sexually ravished in my entire life. Maddy and Colin I swear planned to attack me and make me cum over and over again! I SQUIRTED EVERYWHERE!!!

Maddy is a submissive person by nature and I being a total dom enjoyed that every single time I told her what to do she came harder and hard than the I could ever imagine! She LOVED when I smacked her ass so hard it left welts while colin was fucking her! She loved it when I choked her while he was pounding her doggy… and the funny thing was I came equally as hard watching her follow my commands! How cool is that! Then tag teamed me to DEATH and I was in literal heaven!

I think my favorite part was that she kept telling us over and over again how much she loved getting fucked by us.. which obviously having sex feels good but it’s always nice to hear people tell you what they are feeling! I also really loved having her slather my big booty in oil and rip my pants off me and eat my pussy till I came on her face! Omg!

If you like big booties, oil, squirt, and sexy man abs lathered in oil… I highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled for this update coming out soon!

We absolutely loved working with this amazing girl so make sure you follow her on

Instagram : xmaddyoreillyx

twitter: maddyoreillyxxx

Why Blog

I feel like i should explain why all of a sudden i started blogging and how it has truly changed my life. I feel like we all have good and bad days, thoughts we want to share but forget too, or emotions we don’t know how to express until we start talking about it. Blogging gives me a way to not only share my awesome adventure but it also helps me sit down for 10 minutes and write down my thoughts and organize how i’m really feeling in this very moment.

Today i am OVERWHELMED with HAPPINESS! i had the best day ever and im genuinely so thankful for the positive people in my life i felt they were owed some page space in my online journal. Everyday people who don’t even know they make a difference really do, the people who slave away endlessly all day on a computer to create cool shit like this blog or my website or my NEW STORE… thank you. thank you for giving up your personal time to help my brand and career grow and for making me a better person along the way.  Thank you to my best friends who know im having a bad day and send me ratchet memes and funny stuff to make me smile, and for encouraging me to chase my dreams and make myself a better person everyday…. but who also put up with my sassy ass and my 90% bullshit on days when i don’t have my life together. To my hubby who really is the mvp in this family he not only loves me, my wild adventures but also always tells me the honest truth weather i like it or not and refuses to let me quit even when things are hard. he always has my back. He shares the best of times…and the worst and always reminds me everything will be ok. Thank you to the fans out there who support my career and take time everyday to help me grow as a performer. I appreciate the time you spend retweeting my stuff, commenting, and liking… it may sound shallow but those comments can make or break someones entire day and seeing all the positivity and love everyday makes everything we do worth it. We do this for ourselves but also for you so its great to know its working and that you’re enjoying  our hard work as much as we do!

Im not sure i know how to LIFE. Can we really make it though life without an A Team? Without people who pick us up and tell us we can do it, or the people who celebrate winning with you and don’t have hate or jealousy in their heart but genuine love and support? Can we do it? I don’t think so. I think life is a team sport.

So the answer to why i started blogging was because unlike youtube where i feel like i have to have “the face” and the lights and all the stuff perfect… here i can be real. I can say anything i want and i don’t feel judged or crazy or like people are correcting my grammar and punctuation errors…even though i’m sure you secretly are. This is ME. I make mistakes just like everyone else, i celebrate my accomplishments, and i sulk in my failures just like everyone else. so i hope you enjoy my raw moments here! I love you for taking time to read my thoughts and i hope someday i can encourage you to push harder, do more, love yourself. Let me be on your A team… because mine is fucking fabulous and they make life so much more enjoyable!

Long or Short


I cant decide! It has been an on going thought for YEARS now and i need your help. My hair has naturally been to my shoulders my entire life. Blondes have it tough because of all the chemicals we use to keep this fabulous color dries it out. Even though the roots grow, it breaks off at the ends. I have THE BEST hair stylist in Vegas who cares and loves it but i still cant get it to grow! I was to be like the pantene commercials you know! So i buy extensions….which is A LOT OF WORK & MONEY. so im going to leave this here and see what you think? Can i rock my natural hair? Or is the long look still top dog?!!?







Exotica New Jersey


thats basically exotica in a nutshell 😂 so as many of you know exotica New Jersey just came to an end and here are a few highlights of the weekend!

Im going to start this blog with the biggest smile because i have never been to a more fun convention in my entire career. Bad Dragon (spotlight) booth is always one of the more popular booths at the convention and that’s where i was this time so i knew it was going to be fun!


Friday, exhausted from working Thursday night in Vegas and taking a red eye to NJ only to immediately head to the convention i was ready for sleep, but instead i got Starbucks a shot and a shower! I had a cat nap on the plane and was ready to KILL it for my fans. I was in for a long ride because i also had to feature dance that night with a few amazing girls! Teagan Presley, Sofi Ryan, and Val Dodds. 2 tequila shots down i get on the shuttle to head to the convention dresses in a white thong body suit and some high top sneakers packed down with merchandise and high hops of seeing all my favorite people.

i met a ton of fans. Took 10,000 pictures and had the best time playing on Snapchat!

I finished signing after 4 hours of rowdy twerking, butt shaking, and puppy cuddles and now it was time for a quick dinner then heading  to Sapphire NYC for my stage show! We had steak and the most amazing wine with dinner and now more than ever i was excited to shake my booty on stage! 3 girls went before me but i loved it because we are all so different it was hot to watch all the girls be their own kind of sexy and THEY WERE ALL SEXY AF! We danced the night away in our party bus and finished all the champagne! We made a pee stop in front of the turn pike toll 😂👌🏻 And by the end of the bus ride Val, Sofi, and i were naked and sweating from dancing on that long car ride back to nj from nyc! Although i has a blast i was soooo ready for room service and bed… but FUCK… it was 4:30 am so when we called room service the only thing they had was pizza the staff had ordered a few hours previous and that seemed like a good enough option, so sure enough 5 minutes after we called the front desk guy brought us his Hawaiian left over pizza and that how we ended the night.. eating pizza in bed haha


I slept until 1pm. Then Sofi and I spent about 3 hours with the police and the Managment team from the Sheraton because while i was using the bathroom the maid had walked in without knocking. I asked her to leave as we didn’t need our room serviced that day feeling a bit violated and confused,  I figured it was an honest mistake or something. So i walked downstairs to grab coffee my usual morning routine. mind you i was gone maybe 10 minutes and within that time someone broke into our room and took a ton of our things. Mostly the money we had made Dancing the night before…. see YouTube video about squirt ones 😂 joke was on the thief but still! WTFFFFFF

LONG STORY SHORT, we didn’t get our stuff back and i don’t reccomend anyone stay at a Sheraton in Edison NJ ever again, in addition to that even if you think your stuff is safe… it isn’t. Use the safe at all times.

Irritated, hungry and extremely cold we headed to the convention only to be stopped in the hotel lobby by some fans who bought us a few rounds of drinks to cheer us up! It worked! I also brought Adriana Chechik a birthday gift that just so happened to be a butt plug!!!! She loves my bhole so i figured that the best way i could say happy birthday was by letting her put a butt plug in my booty so she could stare at it all day as we were signing next to each other! It was a total hit ! If you saw the plug you may thank the booty queen for the awesome view! Who would have known that i would actually enjoy it! I got to meet a TON of fans and had a blast doing the Q&A on stage with Tori Black, Adriana Chechik, and Allie Haze. Probably the most honest panel there ever was! A few topics included sex after child birth, the worst place to have sex, is having a relationship in porn difficult and many more. (If you think i should do a Q&A blog let me know)



LAZY! I slept all night and was totally ready to come home but i knew so many people were still coming so we made it fun. Anyone who brought a dog was given free photos, My Broncos lost the big game to the eagles but thankfully i had other fans there to wollow with! Not much excitement this day because we had to pack up and fly home! But i did get to meet Nicollet Shae, took booty photos with the girls from LA DIRECT MODELS at our volley ball game… which i SUCKED at. Small fact, i have never been good at sports that require hand eye coordination 🤷🏼‍♀️


All in all exotica was another crazy successful convention and i was so thankful to be part of an awssome



Philly Fun



Another amazing weekend in the books. This weekend i feature danced in Philly at a club called Cheerleaders. This club happens to be one of my most favorite clubs because every time i go there i come back with hilarious stories, and always having an amazing time. This happened to be their halloween weekend, so they did themed nights each night! YAYYYYYY. Friday nights was a Alice in wonderland themed night and all their house dancers dressed up and I got to be their guest judge to decide the winner of the contest! It was EPIC the amount of work these girls put into their costumes! I was completely blown away. I had two stage shows in which i dressed up as the queen of hearts, and the white bunny…. i really only wanted to be the bunny because when i twerked the little white tail bobbed to the music and it was amazing. Friday happened to be my TURN up night which in Alexis terms means this is the night i like to drink with my fans and friends and let my hair down and just relax! So Patron to the rescue! I don’t drink Tequila often at work anymore because for one i have a hard time keeping my clothes on at clubs that i need to keep my panties on at, and two i get VERY sexual. Never a bad thing right?!?! Well i got the OK to be both from the mangers so i WAS ALL IN! I also had brought Colin and a few of our friends along so i figured LETS DO THIS! 2 mixed drinks in and i have to get ready for my stage show and the dj KILLLED is with my music totally sending me over the moon with happiness. I typically have a few feature dancing moods…

  1. Hip-Hop this is my usual happy go lucky genre of music that makes me in the mood to give lap dances and twerk and be silly
  2. R&B/ hip-hop this is my i wanna fuck all living humans but instead im going to feel myself on stage and fuck with your emotions with my naked body lol
  3. rock- when im sassy AS FUCK and am looking for someone to show me a good time because iv probably had a bad day and need some good people in my life…

well this dj decided to mix 1+2 without me telling him too and it was awesome!  was in such a good mood leaving that stage i even bought Colin his first lap dance!! AND GUESS WHAT?!! I loved it! something about watching a hot girl grind all of him and tease him with her body really turned me on! We are experimenting with 3- somes and this totally made me ready for our next one!! She was a sassy little devil with a big booty and i immediately fell in love! Darn strippers always stealing our hearts right?! we followed said lap dance with about an hour of sexy time in out hotel 😉 i have  new found appreciation for house dancers and think i might make this a trend!

Annnnnyways, enough about my sex life and back to the exciting things i did in Philly. So Saturday our friend Chris drove 90 minutes to come see us and have lunch with us which was SOOOO STINKING sweet! i would have been happy with just lunch but this guy brought belated birthday presents, funny stories, and a ton of good memories we will share forever. WE appreciate CHRIS!!! What we didn’t know was while we were having lunch they had closed 3 roads down surrounding us for a fundraiser walk thing so after 5 attempts to get an Uber Colin and I found ourselves stranded! They couldn’t get to us… have no fear the bar is here! so for 2 hours while this event happened we waited for our friends to wake up and answer their phones ( we kept them out late Friday) to come rescue us! After 4 Moscow mules, a buffalo flat bread, and inviting the entire bar to the club we FINALLY  had a ride! What we didnt know was that ur friends were having a children’s  Halloween party at their house… GREAT!  Drunk Alexis trying to play it cool in front of 20 children… this should be entertaining. haha. Needless to say it was. I ate a cupcake, played nerf guns, and  pretended i was infact there for ONLY vacation to the Moms and Dads who asked me why i was in Philly and not Vegas! hahah think they knew who i was?!?!

Saturday was slow but i shot a lot of cool videos and photos for my site while i was there and i got to hang out with the awesome club staff and my friends. Who think im crazy! hah i made them all drink shots even though i don’t drink shots!  I met a music recording artist, a fan stole my cat women lingerie 🙁 i twerked with 3 English dancers for HOURS they also named my vagina Jay Jay… after themselves lol. Her vaginas name was pum pum.. .whatever that means i LOVED it. In fact i loved them so much i invited them to NYC Nov 3rd to come see me dance there! wahooo! I love my brit women! It was suer hero and villans night so i went as wonder women and cat women. Bat-women left her face all over my booty, the bartender grabbed my boobs maybe 100 times. I felt pretty loved. but by far my most favorite part of Saturday was this man paying me money to talk to me for 30 minutes about open relationships. He came across totally closed minded but his fiance wanted it.. i gave him my personal experiences and advice and left the conversation only to find out moments later it was his bachelor party!!! I didnt even dance for him!!!! WHAT?! this just could not fly. so during my stage show i brought him on stage and gave him the sexy lap dance he was missing. He walked off the stage half naked, soaking wet, with the biggest smile on his face and i finally felt like that was a proper way to have a bachelor party. Last but not least after the club was over and everyone was ready for bed we had one last stop to make… the only thing you must do when you visit Philly…  we got CHEEEEEESSE STEAKS! OMG. YUM.

All in All Philly was an amazing time for me and im looking forward to more madness on my next feature dance gig!

Our First Threesome with Cali Carter

sooooo many mixed emotions. Colin and i have been together almost 6 years and this was the first time we had spoken about adding another women… i was horny and excited but also nervous and protective.. you know that meme that says “there are plenty of the fish in the sea, and then it points to a fish and says ” you see this fish, don’t touch my fish” well thats me. DON’T TOUCH MY FISH. Although Colin has remained 100% supportive about my porn career there was always that thought ” what about me” i got to run away to set whenever i wanted and fuck men and women year after year after year.. He always supported me and made me feel like my decisions were perfect. Yet, i couldn’t help feel guilty.. iv worked with countless people and after all these years hes never gotten to fuck another women! Thats LOVE.

Every couple has their us and downs in their relationship and believe me we have had both. Currently we are ALLLL the way up. Life for us has never been better. We have both made changes t0o increase each others happiness so i finally felt ok to have “the talk”. He held back his excitement for months, he wanted to play it cool, to be sensitive to my VERY sensitive emotions. I can flip faster than a burning pancake so he knew exactly how to play it. I asked him his thoughts about a 3 way and he told me if its what i wanted of course he would be happy to do it ( inside he was having a major dance party knowing i was letting him fuck another women). So that was final. I drank some vodka and started stalking girls…for MONTHS! I was soo damn excited i just couldn’t choose.

Now im a VERY picky person when it comes to fucking women. I am Bi-sexual but since i have only had a select few women get me off i tend to enjoy penis more but that wasn’t going to stop me. i was determined to find her. THE ONE. If im going to take time to fuck a girl i need to know she’s perfect for us, and since this would be Colin’s first i wanted him to enjoy it… but not too much… i didnt want to have to kill a girl on the first try… kidding. Kinda.

So i looked, and looked i was feel uncertain. Was she out there? was i being too picky? So its another work day and i go to set for a 4 some and i fall for this one girl! Cali Carter. i had never met her in person before but the chemistry we shared during our scene was something i had never felt…. and ladies… if you’re looking for a girl who knows what to do with her mouth PICK CALI! i felt like a kids coming home from the first day of school to tell Colin all about her. So it seemed like that was that. Cali would be our girl. now we waited for the big day.

The day of the shoot i was cool..till she arrived.. i started sweating. for no reason.. nothing was even happening yet i had hours before i had to share her with my man….body what are you doing?!? so i took a breather and got it together.  We did photos totally cool, i was excited, i was ready to take the plunge. she was so flirty and sexual with me before hand i was ready. We start the scene and my nerv’s we so high i totally forgot what we were doing, so i just jumped right in to sex… lucky Colin! normally it starts slow then moves into sex… not today.. today we were going to full force.  She KILLED it, she’s so sexual and knew exactly where to be the entire scene. She made us both feel good about what was happening which is  the most important part i think. I think the girlfriend/wife should always feel like the shinning star, mostly so we don’t kill you but also because this is our man that we have chosen to share and we deserve that respect. Sharing is really hard  for some people… ME.. but i think in the correct situations it can be a lot of fun, which it totally was.  If you watch the scene on my site you will see how great it went… and ended 😉 i cant tell you all the amazing details because it would ruin the video coming next week but…. its AMAZING

I was so happy to have her be our first and to be our buffer. She taught us a lot and we had so much fun that now im looking forward to our next one which happens very soon!